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Quick 2000 Ltd. has set up a development laboratory that meets clean room (c-GMP) requirements, where we can present our lab and pilot size products to our partners and potential customers, and where we can run production tests with placebo materials in a clean room environment.

Parameters of the laboratory and its infrastructure
Clean rooms: process room (80 m2 ), personnal airlock (4.8 m2), material airlock (6.3 m2), conductive synthetic resin floor, latched doors
Air handling: 100% clean air by triple air filtering, H13 ceiling air filters, temperature and air humidity control
Support of technology equipments: compressed air of 6 bars, nitrogen, vacuum, dust exhaust, drinking and hot water, purified water (PW), refrigerant (6/12 0C), heat-conveying medium (max. 250 0C), power supply 230V/400V.

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