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static charge and earthing control device

Static charge is a potential source of danger during the loading and unloading of containers of explosive materials (liquid or powder), or during the transport of such materials in pipelines between technology equipments.
To prevent the accumulation of static charge we have developed the QUICK CONTROL explosion proof (ATEX) design earthing control device that ensures the active, condinuously controlled earthing.In case of production lines containing several technology units its function is to control the existence of safe earthing during the process steps that may cause the accumulation of static charge.
The equipments under control may be either mobile or immobile units.
The system is continuously checking the appropriate quality of earthing connections, keeps the electrostatic charge level of the attached equipment under the proper threshold, displays the appropriate status és transmits it to the control system.
During its operation the use of earthing – earthing control device prevents the aggregation of static charge, the spark formation that may initiate ignition or explosion by conducting and eliminating the accumulating charge.
The system contains a multipoint earthing control central unit, too, which is continuously collecting data, and paralelly is forwarding information to the system control unit (PC or PLC) via independent contact.
By its use, the potentionally explosive process cannot be launched as long as the units are not attached, or the process is halted in case of any static problem.

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