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equipment for electrostatic nanofiber formation
  • Equipment for the formation of nanofibers of pharmaceutical active ingredients.
  • Particularly suitable to make poorly water-soluble active ingredients well soluble in water
  • Scaled-up equipment (1.5 – 2 l/h liquid dispensing speed) for the formation of nanofiber materials
  • Continuous technology for the amorphization (and  thereby for the increase of solubility) of small molecule active ingredients  and the drying of bioactive ingredients, with continuous fiber collector system.
  • Several high-speed (10000-40000 rpm) spinning fiberizer heads can be used
  • Applicable for the fiber formation of both organic solvent and water-based systems.
  • HEPA filters, solvent recovery system
  • Option of inert nitrogen
  • ATEX version, PLC control
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