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Manufacture and development of custom made pieces of pharmaceutical equipment with more than 27 years  of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
Full range of solutions according to the customer’s needs in the fields of powder handling, granulation, fluid handling and „high containment” technologies.
Design, manufacture, installation and documentation of lab, pilot and production scale machines at highly competitive costs.
Development of novel and innovative procedures and processes in the fields of nanotechnology and continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Vision and Mission

The highest goal of QUICK 2000 Ltd. has been since its grounding in 1991 to perform all its activities to meet customers’ expectations regarding quality, flexibility and timely delivery of purchase orders at agreed upon budgets, also for those of individual specifications.

The family-owned – company – thanks to its progressive development over 27 years – has grown into a mid size enterprise, with state-of-the-art workshops and machinery that can meet all demands.

Based on the knowledge of our engineers and experienced specialists, we are striving for the development and realization of tailor made solutions, the fulfillment of our customers’ special demands.

We are keeping on seeking for new ideas and efficient solutions at affordable prices for our partners.

We are continuously modernizing our existing product portfolio and develop equipment and automation solutions with innovative and prospective technologies.

Throughout all our work activities, – on top of meeting quality requirements of our customers, – we take special care on protection and conservation of our environment and ensure following relevant occupational health protection and safety guidelines.


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