Twin screw pharmaceutical extruder of continuous processing.

Joint development with the experts of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology of Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

  • „4 in 1” application enabled: extrusion, wet granulation, melt granulation, powder homogenization, ( + possibility of melt fiberization by proprietary fiberizer tool)
  • A laboratory size equipment of 16 mm screw diameter has recently been developed, with the following parameters:
  • Customized length / screw diameter
  • Interpenetrating, segmented screws turning in the same direction, assembled with turning parts different applications are possible
  • Stand-alone and tabletop versions, according to demand
  • 4+1 (tool) heatable zones
  • 4 active coolable zones
  • PLC control, user friendly interface
  • Rotation speed of the screw can be increased up to 900 rpm
  • Powder and liquid dispensing, vacuum connectable, supercritical CO2 introduction is possible
  • Maximum torque 2×20 Nm